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Peldon Rose | 倫敦Jacada Travel旅游公司辦公室

Jacada Travel是一家豪華旅游公司,為那些希望超越常規、遠離人群、體驗真正真實和特別的旅行者創造真實的旅游體驗,并以此為榮。

Jacada Travel are a luxury travel provider who pride themselves on creating authentic travel experiences for travellers who wish to go beyond the typical, get away from the crowds and experience something truly authentic and special.


新的4500平方英尺(418.06平方米)的辦公環境旨在更好地了解Jacada Travel的工作方式,并提供足夠的空間支持其持續增長。可持續性和自然葡京注冊是葡京注冊過程的核心,并與Jacada在他們創造的所有定制包裝中對社區,保護和碳抵消的關注重點聯系起來。

The new 4,500 sq ft office environment focuses on providing a better insight into the way Jacada Travel work and provides enough space to support their continued growth. Sustainability and biophilic design were at the heart of the design process and links back to the focus that Jacada put on community, conservation and carbon offsetting in all the bespoke packages they create.


辦公空間,國外辦公室葡京注冊,旅游公司辦公室,英國,Peldon Rose

辦公空間,國外辦公室葡京注冊,旅游公司辦公室,英國,Peldon Rose



Some of the concepts from Jacada’s philosophy such as, authentic, characterful and uplifting were brought through into the design of the space so it would accurately represent the brand.


除了展現品牌的個性外,辦公室還需要成為一個專為協作和整合而葡京注冊的環境。茶點是辦公室的核心功能,需要為員工提供了一個專門的空間,可以相互連接。 早餐吧和大餐桌為員工提供了足夠的空間,讓他們可以遠離辦公桌并進行社交活動。

As well as bringing out the personality of the brand, the office needed to be an environment designed for collaboration and integration. The tea point is a central feature of the office and gives staff a dedicated space to connect with each other. A breakfast bar and large dining table gives staff enough space to enjoy a break away from their desks and socialise.


辦公空間,國外辦公室葡京注冊,旅游公司辦公室,英國,Peldon Rose

辦公空間,國外辦公室葡京注冊,旅游公司辦公室,英國,Peldon Rose


從軟木隔斷、劍麻地板到會議展位織物的有機材料,整個辦公葡京注冊都融入了天然產品。為確保員工在明亮清新的工作空間中工作,使用可用的自然光是關鍵。主辦公樓層沒有實心隔斷,采用了crittals風格的玻璃,最大化了可用的自然光。為了幫助我們將外部環境引入室內,并將天然木材和產品融入葡京注冊中,我們與Forest To Home、Acorus garden和Hillcross furniture密切合作,實現了使用有機、可持續產品的高水平裝飾。

Natural products were integrated throughout the office design from using cork partitions, sisal flooring and organic materials used to produce the fabric in the meeting booths. To ensure that staff were working in a bright and refreshing workspace, the use of available natural light was key. There are no solid partitions in the main office floor and Crittal-style glazing was used to maximise the available natural light. To help us bring the outside in and incorporate natural woods and products into the design, we worked closely with Forest to Home, Acorus Gardens and Hillcross furniture to achieve a high-level finish that used organic, sustainable products.


辦公空間,國外辦公室葡京注冊,旅游公司辦公室,英國,Peldon Rose

辦公空間,國外辦公室葡京注冊,旅游公司辦公室,英國,Peldon Rose

辦公空間,國外辦公室葡京注冊,旅游公司辦公室,英國,Peldon Rose

辦公空間,國外辦公室葡京注冊,旅游公司辦公室,英國,Peldon Rose

辦公空間,國外辦公室葡京注冊,旅游公司辦公室,英國,Peldon Rose

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