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Envelope A+D | 舊金山Radhaus酒吧餐廳

伯克利工作室Envelope A+D在舊金山的這家工業風格的餐廳里,把螺絲刀、抽屜旋鈕和煙斗作為啤酒龍頭。

A screwdriver, drawer knobs and a pipe are among the objects that Berkeley studio Envelope A+D has used as beer taps in this industrial-style restaurant in San Francisco.


Radhaus是一家位于舊金山灣區歷史悠久的Fort Mason藝術文化中心的啤酒廳和巴伐利亞餐廳,這里曾經是一個軍事基地。

Radhaus is a beer hall and Bavarian restaurant located in the Bay Area’s historic Fort Mason Centre for Arts and Culture, which formerly housed a military base.


餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D

餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D



Envelope A+D’s design preserves a number of existing details in the space, including the exposed steel roof trusses, which are painted a bright white to match the walls.Existing polished concrete on the floor was preserved where possible and then teamed with a new aggregate, creating a patchy effect.



The entry is emphasised by a pair of large steel and glass pivot doors with red-coloured frames. Restored tall, steel sash-windows offer extensive views of the bay to create an interrupted connection between the hall, street and waterfront.


餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D

餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D


吧臺和座位長椅,它們是從西塞拉斯被風吹倒的黃松回收而來的。這些長凳由樹木專家Evan Shiveley精心打造,他為木材供應商Arborica工作。

These include the bar and seating banquettes, which were salvaged from wind-fallen Ponderosa Pines in the Western Sierras.The benches were crafted by Evan Shiveley, a tree specialist who works for wood supplier Arborica.”


葡京注冊電玩和歷史保護法規要求團隊保護立面和屋頂,因此廚房的機械設備,包括抽油煙機和冰箱,都位于由Envelope A + D為空間葡京注冊的大型白色“棚屋”內。

Building and historic preservation codes required the team to conserve the facade and roof, so the kitchen’s mechanical equipment, including the range hood and refrigerator are situated inside a large white “shed” designed by Envelope A+D for the space.


餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D

餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D



Rising three storeys, the gabled volume houses a kitchen on the ground level featuring a floor covered in a matte-black textured ceramic tile.Space for storage and offices is located on the second floor, with room for the mechanical and air-conditioning equipment on the third level.


餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D

餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D



餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D


餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D
餐飲空間,工業風,酒吧餐廳,葡京注冊電玩改造,Envelope A+D

葡京注冊公司:Envelope A+D
攝影:Matthew Millman


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